Hey kids, I've been playing a couple role playing games because I am a total nerd.

First off, I'm playing the new 4th edition of D&D, and although it's fun because of the group of cool funny people I play with, I will cast my lot with those who say it just doesn't feel like the D&D of old. Although the system is well-designed and balanced, I guess I'm just an RPG luddite. I can't seem to get over that the wizard in our party keeps using "scorching burst" and that at opportune times my fourth level fighter will unleash "Tide of Iron!" (although it is fun to yell out "Tide of Iron!"). There are definitely more interesting combat decisions to be made for all the characters, and there is more to do if you are, say, a cleric, than heal people, but it still feels too different for me. Also, it takes a looooong time to level up, and I'm not a fan of that. I'm also playing D&D tiny adventures on Facebook, but that's for another post.

Second, I've been running Call of Cthulhu (now that I have introduced my victims with the gateway drug of Arkham Horror, WAhahahahHA!), and it's been a blast. Once again I know some very funny and entertaining people, and playing with them has been great. I like to keep the group small and the atmosphere spooky. Maybe it will escalate into a campaign?

Also, you should get on Facebook if you aren't on Facebook.

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