Desperate Housewives and the ANT

So, I had my shoot for Desperate Housewives yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. I shot a scene with Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira. They were both extremely charming, professional, and a pleasure to work with. The director was named Scott, and he was at my original audition. He was great, as was everyone on the set. I know it might be more interesting for those reading if everyone was a prima dona and there was some sort of drama, but I rather prefer these types of shoots, where things go smooth.

When I arrived at the set and got to my trailer I noticed it was probably the nicest dressing room I had ever been in. I was hardly able to spend any time there however, as everything went like clockwork. We were wrapped by three hours or so after my arrival. Unheard of.

One other thing. I'm not a superstitious person, in fact I would describe myself as a skeptic, however when I arrived in my dressing room and saw my contract laid out for me I noticed something crawling on it. An ant. I'm not making this up. Draw your own conclusions.

Here is an inconclusive picture of the ant taken from my cell phone. I realize the blurry nature of the photo does not help to support my claim. Hell, it might be bigfoot as far as the picture quality is concerned.


ANT on my EAR

Today I had an audition for Desperate Housewives. Straight to producers (doesn't happen very often). I drove onto the studio lot, and in order to avoid the actors milling about in the lobby (I always find their overly-cheerful conversations distracting to me), I went outside and sat down on a bench by myself to chill out. Sitting on the bench I noticed a solitary ant dragging a heavy load back to its nest. The thing I love about ants is their focus. They have an amazing dedication to purpose. The ant struggled forward despite all obstacles. I admired it for awhile, enjoyed the sunshine, went over my lines, and when I noticed that the people who had signed in just before me had started being called in, I returned to the lobby.

As I was sitting in the lobby I saw another ant. Crawling on my shirt. I must have been sitting near an ant nest. "Sorry little guy" I set it free to roam on the carpet. Hehe. Ants.

Finally I was called in to the audition, everyone in the room was friendly (which is always nice). I began to perform my part with the casting assistant. And then I felt it. There was another ant. On my ear. I remained calm and continued with my performance. I began to wonder if the producer and directer could see the ant. The room was small and they were sitting close to me. I could feel its tiny legs pulling its body across the equator of my earlobe. I focused. I ignored the ant. I finished my audition. The Director said I had done a good job (which is also always nice), and finally I could no longer hold still. "Is there an ant on my ear?" I flicked my ear and felt at it, but found nothing there. I was certain there had been an ant. Did I imagine it? Did these important people now think I was crazy. I tried to explain. "I was sitting on the bench earlier and I found an ant on my shirt." They gave me hard to read expressions that could be either impatience, commiseration, or veiled certainty that I was insane. I thanked them. I left. I went back to my car.

I sat in my car and considered my audition. Even if there hadn't been an ant on my ear I had maintained my composure during the audition and I felt I had done a good job. I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror. And there was the ant. It was trying to climb up a strand of my hair near my ear like a tiny tenacious Tarzan. I set it free in the parking lot.

Maybe, just maybe, the people in that room will watch the tape and realize I DID ACTUALLY have an ant on my ear and never flinched once during my audition. Perhaps they will realize that I have focus and an amazing dedication to purpose. Maybe they will cast me. Or maybe they'll just think I'm crazy.

But you know. I really did have an ant on my ear.