I need to lose some Bytes

Recently I weighed myself and was shocked to discover that I had ballooned up to 233 pounds. Egad! No wonder I'm not booking any commercials. I'm not fat enough to be the fat guy, not skinny enough to be the not fat guy (TV adds weight). I checked some online resources about the ideal weight for my height, and it turns out the maximum is somewhere in the range of 185 pounds. Am I really 50 pounds overweight?! Something must be done.

A friend of mine directed me to the following web site diet plan: The No 'S' Diet

The guy who came up with it is a geek like me, who is more interested in hacking his own behavior and creating a diet that is livable than following some crazy fad. I'm going to try it out. And if you are fat (and statistics say you probably are), you should too.


Cthulhu Fhtagn!

My first introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos was a role playing game called Call of Cthulhu. My brother and I had enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons, wargames, and other nerdy pursuits for quite awhile. CoC appealed to me because it seemed like nothing I had seen before, it hit a note on the weirdness scale beyond any I had seen before. It was the nerdiest of nerdy games. At the time I had no idea what a Cthulhu was, or an H.P. Lovecraft for that matter. In fact finding Lovecraftian tomes with mythos information wasn't easy to do at the time (despite the game's admonition that the story Call of Cthulhu was a necessary read for those who wanted to play). I think we played it once (my brother and I, and his friend Aaron). My brother created a private detective character named Peter Powers (Peter Powers - Private EYE). Powers was plucky, but was probably doomed to die or go insane, just as all who face the great old ones are. We only played the one time so I never found out.

Anyway, these days when I have a hankerin' for shoggoths and elder things, I head over to cthulhumud. For those who don't know, muds are like the hoary ancestors of world of warcraft and other online visual multiplayer games. Muds are all text. Like a chat room with hit points. And very nerdy. But the nerdyest of all is cthulhumud. Look me up there if you ever feel like it, my character's name is Peter. Peter Powers.