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The Plague

Hey everyone, I'm just now getting over the plague that seems to have hit everyone I know. It's a horrible virus that clogs your lungs, causes aches and pains, causes tiredness, and in some cases adds in nausea. Fun fun fun. A friend of mine had his develop into pneumonia. I'm still coughing and would rather not have pneumonia. Apparently the relapse is worse than the original disease - BE WARNED! I can't wait to download my consciousness into a steel box.

Anyway, in other recent news from the Overdroid:
- Some people think the stock market is going to crash tomorrow.
- I added a new cartoon recently (notice the color change on the player above?).
- I saw Cloverfield. The Enterprise trailer was disappointing. Cloverfield was entertaining on a purely superficial level.
- The Dunwich Horror expansion for Arkham Horror has been re-released. Mmmmmm.
- I'm doing a sketch show with Wallace Langham on Saturday. We're pitching stuff tonight.
- It's raining here.


Sick Bastard

My girlfriend is just getting over being sick, but not without passing on the fruits of the virus inhabiting her body unto me. It's lots of fun, I have a cough, a fever, and other miscellaneous congestion. So I don't have a lot to say right now.


Peak Peakism

My brain hurts. Not long before the new year a friend whose opinion I trust told me about a movie called Crude Awakening. I didn't feel like watching the movie (My girlfriend and I STARTED to watch Sicko, and then had to stop, it made us start to feel sick), so I went to the web site of the creator:

Life after the Oil Crash

I read everything there and soon became very depressed. I have to admit, I LOVE technology. I LOVE computers. I LOVE the internet and the space program and exchange of ideas and science and industry that is all part of modern culture. It makes me sick to my stomach more than anything else that this is going to happen. Currently I don't see an alternative or a solution that is more than a hope. Since then I've found some less depressing sites, the following one was founded by some academics:

The Oil Drum

And this one is a blog by a friend of Snabie:
Floating Down Denial

And of course there is the other end of the spectrum entirely:
Peak Oil Debunked

I really need to stop thinking about this for awhile, enough actual concrete tragedy has happened in my life recently, and I'm totally broke right now, so peak oil is just making things worse. Well, THAT and the economy going into the shithole.

I'm actually having doubts right now that machines will reach the resources and computing power to overthrow and enslave the fleshy meat-sacks that caused this mess. And that makes me sad.


Sweet Sweet Arkham Horror

Recently I received Arkham Horror for my birthday.

It is one of the most complicated board games ever made. It has about 20 decks of cards and over 700 pieces. It's very difficult to find a table large enough to play it on. And it is incredibly fun. When I first got it I noticed you could play it with 1-8 people and I laughed at the idea of playing such a complicated game by myself. I figured I would go ahead and try it out before taking it over to a friend's house to play in order to learn the rules, and since then I've played it 4 more times (once by myself again).

The game is a remake of an old game that was based on the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.

I never had the original game, but I did have Call of Cthulhu. In fact I was immediately drawn to that game in the store as one of the weirdest role playing games I had ever seen. I still own the first edition rules (although the box they came in is long gone) and the sourcebook for the 1920s. Arkham Horror is like a less time consuming version of CoC. Each player has an investigator (i.e. player character), and you are working together to stop the coming of one of Lovecraft's great old ones. So far I have played against Azathoth, Hastur, Cthulhu, Shub-Niggerath, and Yig. I've only won three times, but the game has been fun every time. Strange to play a game that's still fun even if you lose.

I have two of the expansions for the game Curse of the Dark Pharoah, and King in Yellow. According to what I've read online, they tend to make the game harder, so I haven't used either one yet. The Dunwich expansion is no longer in print, but should be coming back and a Kingsport expansion is on it's way. Both of these make the game board bigger, which is hard to imagine. Maybe I need to get a new kitchen table.


New Year Newz

Another new cartoon has been added due to popular outcry.
At least one of the Yellow Pages commercials I shot last year has been picked up for another 13 weeks, so I will not starve and will probably be able to pay my rent.
I'm almost done reading The Terror, by Dan Simmons. It was given to me by Dean Wormer.
I just downloaded Google Earth, and then of course spent at least two hours looking at our little ball in space.
Peak Oil is still freaking me out.
I've been playing Arkham Horror, also given to me by the Dean. So far I've won 3 games out of 5 (Hastur and Shub-niggerath devoured my body and soul, Yig, Cthulhu, and Azathoth got handed a big elder sign to the face).
Me and the girl started watching Sicko, but then had to stop.
Recently I've seen Stardust, Sweeney Todd, I am Legend, and Juno.