iTunes = CRAP

And in addition the next self righteous yahoo that says that Mac OS is easier to use than Windows is going to going to find out how much easier my fist is to use against his face. I've been trying for days to get my girlfriend's Mac to recognize our network printer (for a list of many troubled people trying to do the same thing simply google HP Laserjet 1020 and Mac). Also don't even start to say that problems with iTunes or printer compatibility are the fault of Microsoft/HP. I will kill you.


Happy Birthday to ME!

And Cthulhu. Best gift ever from a girlfriend - my little CTHULHU.




Hey kids, I've been playing a couple role playing games because I am a total nerd.

First off, I'm playing the new 4th edition of D&D, and although it's fun because of the group of cool funny people I play with, I will cast my lot with those who say it just doesn't feel like the D&D of old. Although the system is well-designed and balanced, I guess I'm just an RPG luddite. I can't seem to get over that the wizard in our party keeps using "scorching burst" and that at opportune times my fourth level fighter will unleash "Tide of Iron!" (although it is fun to yell out "Tide of Iron!"). There are definitely more interesting combat decisions to be made for all the characters, and there is more to do if you are, say, a cleric, than heal people, but it still feels too different for me. Also, it takes a looooong time to level up, and I'm not a fan of that. I'm also playing D&D tiny adventures on Facebook, but that's for another post.

Second, I've been running Call of Cthulhu (now that I have introduced my victims with the gateway drug of Arkham Horror, WAhahahahHA!), and it's been a blast. Once again I know some very funny and entertaining people, and playing with them has been great. I like to keep the group small and the atmosphere spooky. Maybe it will escalate into a campaign?

Also, you should get on Facebook if you aren't on Facebook.

Also, you should read this:


Desperate Housewives and the ANT

So, I had my shoot for Desperate Housewives yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. I shot a scene with Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira. They were both extremely charming, professional, and a pleasure to work with. The director was named Scott, and he was at my original audition. He was great, as was everyone on the set. I know it might be more interesting for those reading if everyone was a prima dona and there was some sort of drama, but I rather prefer these types of shoots, where things go smooth.

When I arrived at the set and got to my trailer I noticed it was probably the nicest dressing room I had ever been in. I was hardly able to spend any time there however, as everything went like clockwork. We were wrapped by three hours or so after my arrival. Unheard of.

One other thing. I'm not a superstitious person, in fact I would describe myself as a skeptic, however when I arrived in my dressing room and saw my contract laid out for me I noticed something crawling on it. An ant. I'm not making this up. Draw your own conclusions.

Here is an inconclusive picture of the ant taken from my cell phone. I realize the blurry nature of the photo does not help to support my claim. Hell, it might be bigfoot as far as the picture quality is concerned.


ANT on my EAR

Today I had an audition for Desperate Housewives. Straight to producers (doesn't happen very often). I drove onto the studio lot, and in order to avoid the actors milling about in the lobby (I always find their overly-cheerful conversations distracting to me), I went outside and sat down on a bench by myself to chill out. Sitting on the bench I noticed a solitary ant dragging a heavy load back to its nest. The thing I love about ants is their focus. They have an amazing dedication to purpose. The ant struggled forward despite all obstacles. I admired it for awhile, enjoyed the sunshine, went over my lines, and when I noticed that the people who had signed in just before me had started being called in, I returned to the lobby.

As I was sitting in the lobby I saw another ant. Crawling on my shirt. I must have been sitting near an ant nest. "Sorry little guy" I set it free to roam on the carpet. Hehe. Ants.

Finally I was called in to the audition, everyone in the room was friendly (which is always nice). I began to perform my part with the casting assistant. And then I felt it. There was another ant. On my ear. I remained calm and continued with my performance. I began to wonder if the producer and directer could see the ant. The room was small and they were sitting close to me. I could feel its tiny legs pulling its body across the equator of my earlobe. I focused. I ignored the ant. I finished my audition. The Director said I had done a good job (which is also always nice), and finally I could no longer hold still. "Is there an ant on my ear?" I flicked my ear and felt at it, but found nothing there. I was certain there had been an ant. Did I imagine it? Did these important people now think I was crazy. I tried to explain. "I was sitting on the bench earlier and I found an ant on my shirt." They gave me hard to read expressions that could be either impatience, commiseration, or veiled certainty that I was insane. I thanked them. I left. I went back to my car.

I sat in my car and considered my audition. Even if there hadn't been an ant on my ear I had maintained my composure during the audition and I felt I had done a good job. I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror. And there was the ant. It was trying to climb up a strand of my hair near my ear like a tiny tenacious Tarzan. I set it free in the parking lot.

Maybe, just maybe, the people in that room will watch the tape and realize I DID ACTUALLY have an ant on my ear and never flinched once during my audition. Perhaps they will realize that I have focus and an amazing dedication to purpose. Maybe they will cast me. Or maybe they'll just think I'm crazy.

But you know. I really did have an ant on my ear.


Sweet, Sweet Kingsport Horror.

A new expansion for my favorite (and only) board game of utter complexity (over 700 individual pieces counting cards, which comprise about 20 different decks) has finally arrived, and I have played it, and it is sweet. Kingsport Horror adds another section of map to the game that I already can barely fit on most tables I have played it on (in order to play with the Dunwich and Kingsport expansions together, some people have built their own tables).

The board including BOTH expansions.

We played on Friday and on Saturday, and both games were quite fun. First getting devoured by Eihort, and secondly defeating Nyarlathotep with the help of Bast. The group I played with on Saturday is UNDEFEATED. They are getting cocky, so it's time to bust out the King in Yellow expansion, which up until this time I have not touched. First, because it is supposed to make the game harder, and secondly because it terrifies me. CTHULHU F'TAGN!

In other Nerd News, Dungeons and Dragons has released yet another edition which completely rewrites the rules of the game yet again, causing many retainers to be destroyed by gnashing of teeth. I have had the pleasure of glancing over the new rules and they are exceedingly streamlined and efficient, and dare I say. . . elegant? There is one set of rules that applies to all situations, gone are the many exceptions, charts, and complicated tables. Each class now has more to do so they are no longer pigeonholed into being just a healer or a guy that casts spells. I don't agree with everything done to the game, and it makes me sad that Gygax will have to rise from the dead so soon after going to his rest in order to cast a mighty spell of chartstorm on Wizards of the Coast, but all in all I would have to say it's a way better edition than 3rd.

I rolled a natural 20 BITCH!
- Fireball Frank.


Why Indiana Jones 4 Sucked

Warning! Spoilers! (This movie was spoiled by George Lucas)


Pdf does NOT = html.
Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please STOP LINKING TO PDF FILES WITHOUT A FUCKING WARNING FIRST! I really don't need my browser going to lala land while it tries to format your annoying PDF file into something readable. It's pretty simple, just add (pdf) to the name of the link. For example:

Some more bullshit (PDF!)

or these alternatives:

Some more bullshit (Links to a PDF because I AM A TOOL)
Some more bullshit (Right click and save this PDF so I don't waste your time with my stupidity)
Some more bullshit (PDF PDF PDF PDF)

That is all.


A couple things I read recently

Apparently the mortgage crisis can be blamed on one guy! And guess what, he works for MaCain's campaign. Go figure.


Some professor in Japan discovers cold fusion. We're all saved! Please let it be real. please let it be real. please let it be real.




How's it Gonna Be?

This is a YouTube Video based on a sketch based on something floating in the creative unconscious. I'm in it, and I co-wrote it. A time will come when you will be called on to register for it and vote for it. That time is not now, but it WILL come!


Swinebread should see this

It almost makes me want to become a super villain so they'll have some one to fight.
Unfortunately I'm pretty much on par with Galactus, and I don't think they could handle that.





Garfield Minus Garfield

Is awesome. You must go there immediately.


That is all.

Actually, looking around I also found this:


Here is my Remixed Garfield Comic:


NOW THAT is all.


The Acme Awards

I'm in an awards show tonight at the ACME where we all congratulate ourselves and give kudos to our peers over the work we did the following year. If you are a friend or family member and want to watch the show then send me an email and I'll send you a link to watch it LIVE on the internet! Also, you can see some of the sketches and work I've been doing all year.


I need to lose some Bytes

Recently I weighed myself and was shocked to discover that I had ballooned up to 233 pounds. Egad! No wonder I'm not booking any commercials. I'm not fat enough to be the fat guy, not skinny enough to be the not fat guy (TV adds weight). I checked some online resources about the ideal weight for my height, and it turns out the maximum is somewhere in the range of 185 pounds. Am I really 50 pounds overweight?! Something must be done.

A friend of mine directed me to the following web site diet plan: The No 'S' Diet

The guy who came up with it is a geek like me, who is more interested in hacking his own behavior and creating a diet that is livable than following some crazy fad. I'm going to try it out. And if you are fat (and statistics say you probably are), you should too.


Cthulhu Fhtagn!

My first introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos was a role playing game called Call of Cthulhu. My brother and I had enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons, wargames, and other nerdy pursuits for quite awhile. CoC appealed to me because it seemed like nothing I had seen before, it hit a note on the weirdness scale beyond any I had seen before. It was the nerdiest of nerdy games. At the time I had no idea what a Cthulhu was, or an H.P. Lovecraft for that matter. In fact finding Lovecraftian tomes with mythos information wasn't easy to do at the time (despite the game's admonition that the story Call of Cthulhu was a necessary read for those who wanted to play). I think we played it once (my brother and I, and his friend Aaron). My brother created a private detective character named Peter Powers (Peter Powers - Private EYE). Powers was plucky, but was probably doomed to die or go insane, just as all who face the great old ones are. We only played the one time so I never found out.

Anyway, these days when I have a hankerin' for shoggoths and elder things, I head over to cthulhumud. For those who don't know, muds are like the hoary ancestors of world of warcraft and other online visual multiplayer games. Muds are all text. Like a chat room with hit points. And very nerdy. But the nerdyest of all is cthulhumud. Look me up there if you ever feel like it, my character's name is Peter. Peter Powers.


Updated JAN 17th 2008 FRESH!

This post will stay at the top so new cartoons are always here.
New posts will appear below this sucker - SO SCROLL DOWN PUNKS!

The Plague

Hey everyone, I'm just now getting over the plague that seems to have hit everyone I know. It's a horrible virus that clogs your lungs, causes aches and pains, causes tiredness, and in some cases adds in nausea. Fun fun fun. A friend of mine had his develop into pneumonia. I'm still coughing and would rather not have pneumonia. Apparently the relapse is worse than the original disease - BE WARNED! I can't wait to download my consciousness into a steel box.

Anyway, in other recent news from the Overdroid:
- Some people think the stock market is going to crash tomorrow.
- I added a new cartoon recently (notice the color change on the player above?).
- I saw Cloverfield. The Enterprise trailer was disappointing. Cloverfield was entertaining on a purely superficial level.
- The Dunwich Horror expansion for Arkham Horror has been re-released. Mmmmmm.
- I'm doing a sketch show with Wallace Langham on Saturday. We're pitching stuff tonight.
- It's raining here.


Sick Bastard

My girlfriend is just getting over being sick, but not without passing on the fruits of the virus inhabiting her body unto me. It's lots of fun, I have a cough, a fever, and other miscellaneous congestion. So I don't have a lot to say right now.


Peak Peakism

My brain hurts. Not long before the new year a friend whose opinion I trust told me about a movie called Crude Awakening. I didn't feel like watching the movie (My girlfriend and I STARTED to watch Sicko, and then had to stop, it made us start to feel sick), so I went to the web site of the creator:

Life after the Oil Crash

I read everything there and soon became very depressed. I have to admit, I LOVE technology. I LOVE computers. I LOVE the internet and the space program and exchange of ideas and science and industry that is all part of modern culture. It makes me sick to my stomach more than anything else that this is going to happen. Currently I don't see an alternative or a solution that is more than a hope. Since then I've found some less depressing sites, the following one was founded by some academics:

The Oil Drum

And this one is a blog by a friend of Snabie:
Floating Down Denial

And of course there is the other end of the spectrum entirely:
Peak Oil Debunked

I really need to stop thinking about this for awhile, enough actual concrete tragedy has happened in my life recently, and I'm totally broke right now, so peak oil is just making things worse. Well, THAT and the economy going into the shithole.

I'm actually having doubts right now that machines will reach the resources and computing power to overthrow and enslave the fleshy meat-sacks that caused this mess. And that makes me sad.


Sweet Sweet Arkham Horror

Recently I received Arkham Horror for my birthday.

It is one of the most complicated board games ever made. It has about 20 decks of cards and over 700 pieces. It's very difficult to find a table large enough to play it on. And it is incredibly fun. When I first got it I noticed you could play it with 1-8 people and I laughed at the idea of playing such a complicated game by myself. I figured I would go ahead and try it out before taking it over to a friend's house to play in order to learn the rules, and since then I've played it 4 more times (once by myself again).

The game is a remake of an old game that was based on the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.

I never had the original game, but I did have Call of Cthulhu. In fact I was immediately drawn to that game in the store as one of the weirdest role playing games I had ever seen. I still own the first edition rules (although the box they came in is long gone) and the sourcebook for the 1920s. Arkham Horror is like a less time consuming version of CoC. Each player has an investigator (i.e. player character), and you are working together to stop the coming of one of Lovecraft's great old ones. So far I have played against Azathoth, Hastur, Cthulhu, Shub-Niggerath, and Yig. I've only won three times, but the game has been fun every time. Strange to play a game that's still fun even if you lose.

I have two of the expansions for the game Curse of the Dark Pharoah, and King in Yellow. According to what I've read online, they tend to make the game harder, so I haven't used either one yet. The Dunwich expansion is no longer in print, but should be coming back and a Kingsport expansion is on it's way. Both of these make the game board bigger, which is hard to imagine. Maybe I need to get a new kitchen table.


New Year Newz

Another new cartoon has been added due to popular outcry.
At least one of the Yellow Pages commercials I shot last year has been picked up for another 13 weeks, so I will not starve and will probably be able to pay my rent.
I'm almost done reading The Terror, by Dan Simmons. It was given to me by Dean Wormer.
I just downloaded Google Earth, and then of course spent at least two hours looking at our little ball in space.
Peak Oil is still freaking me out.
I've been playing Arkham Horror, also given to me by the Dean. So far I've won 3 games out of 5 (Hastur and Shub-niggerath devoured my body and soul, Yig, Cthulhu, and Azathoth got handed a big elder sign to the face).
Me and the girl started watching Sicko, but then had to stop.
Recently I've seen Stardust, Sweeney Todd, I am Legend, and Juno.