Just a little curve dequantization issue

Spent all of today working on getting the props into the character's hands at the proper orientation. Also added some dynamic prop rotation for when the actors hands are facing in or out. It looks much more natural and allows you to "drink" from mugs and such. Added all of Andy's props to the Prop Hopper.

A pesky array out of bounds bug caused the program to crash at one point, but I'm unsure what caused it and I was unable to replicate it.

I solved the Freeze on Scrollbar bug with a very kludgy solution. I covered the scrollbar with a trackbar that does the same thing in a much clunkier fashion. It solves the problem, and I don't think the bug can be fixed otherwise since it's in the blue GUI dll somewhere. The writer of the dll emailed me, so hopefully the dialog box bug can be fixed (They appear over the performance screen). He said he'd look into it. I have decided NOT to hold my breath.

Tomorrow is Leslie's birthday, so I probably won't get much done. I do want to add Speedkeys for instant effects and changes, fix and clean up the camera commands, and at least get started on effects before the first show on Sunday. We'll see though. Time crunch. I'm excited that props are working better than ever before though.



I'm hijacking my own blog

To provide a work log for the CARTOON OVERLORD software. I'll still put up regular posts from time to time. First update coming soon.


I refuse to feel sorry for

Brittany Spears, George W Bush, and THIS GUY. C'mon, SERIOUSLY? He won 315 million dollars and he says it ruined his life. BOO-FUCKING-HOO. Hey, why don't you teach me a lesson. Give me the money and I can learn how much it will ruin MY life. I'm sure I'll be really bummed out in no time. My favorite part of the story is this: "His home and car were repeatedly burglarized. At a strip club, thieves broke into his Lincoln Navigator and stole a briefcase stuffed with $245,000 in $100 bills and three $100,000 cashiers checks. The briefcase was later found, with the money." Makes me want to take up the violin so I can play for him. Of course he was rich to begin with, so there ya go.

Oh, and here's the YouTube guy that feels sorry for Brittany.

The only way she would deserve my sympathy is if was expressed as some sort of laser beam that dispensed justice. If my sympathy could somehow cause that white trash bitch to be stripped of all her celebrity and money and magically redistribute it to people with talent, then I would feel sorry for her.