The First of Many Crappy Videos to Come. Yay!

I shot this on my phone, so you won't be able to really tell what's going on. I'll tell you. On the way home a bunch of people riding bicycles shut down traffic for a little while. They just kept going, I only recorded the very end. The light turned green. Then red. Then Green. It went on for awhile. People got out of their cars and some started honking their horns. There was no police escort and it was 10:30 PM at night, so I don't think it was any sort of official thingy. I wonder if it's that group, Critical Mass?


Universal Remote

Me and my female counterpart went to Universal Studios and enjoyed the many delights there. Now you can enjoy these pictures. Maybe I'll add more later.

These pictures were taken with the camera on my new TREO 750. I got it for a mere 150 dollars and two year extension of my contract from Cingular which is now AT&T. Probably because the iPhone just came out. Maybe one day I'll have one of those. BLAH!

Stinky Pinkie: A guy who has the unspeakable one as his servant.


I do this for a Living.

Here is my Yellow Pages commercial which some one seems to have posted on YouTube. The very beginning is cut off where you can see me holding up the paintball to a swatch of colors and getting ready in a sort of Bruce-Campbell-Evil-Dead-Sorta-Way. If you want to see that part you have to buy the DVD.

And here's a really hard and not technically correct Stinkier Pinkier (but my favorite one):

What does the giant, strictly Hasidic, Japanese flying monster that can be summoned by tiny women wear between its shoes and feet?