New Funniest Thing Ever to ME

Must force all to watch. WATCH!

Stinky Pinkie:

A Sinister Beetle.


Stinky Pinkie

Stinky Pinky is a rhyming game that was taught to me by Allen Simpsom. It works like this: You think of two words that rhyme, and then give a hint so the other person can figure out what it is. Example -

Hint: A non-complicated zit.
Answer: Simple Pimple.

There are also more complicated and simpler versions. A Stinkier Pinkier uses three syllable words (or phrases), A Stink Pink is one syllable, and a Kinky Stinky Pinky rhymes three two syllable words.

Here is the Stinky Pinky for tonight:

Searching for something on the internet using the cheapest method possible.

ALSO - I made the ANIMATED OPENING for this awesome web show that you should forward on to everyone who plays world of warcraft or knows some one who plays world of warcraft or has a computer:



Toon from the FINAL SHOW

Note to the Progammers of Transformers: The Game

You are idiots. You are crappy programmers. You suck.

If you're going to create a game where picking up objects and throwing them at enemies is an essential part of combat (especially in a game that is ALL combat), you might want to make the controls for this better than the manipulation skills of a drunken 3 year old child.

Optimus Prime: "I am an advanced, super-powerful robot from another planet. I can transform into any vehicle or technological object I can scan. I can fire massive blasts of energy from the cannons mounted on my chassis. But I have great difficulty bending over and lifting anything. Let me pick that up for you. Damn. Missed it. Here. Nope. Still can't get it. Hold on. Slightly to the left. Too far. Hold on. I got it! No, wait. Missed it again."

Also, if any programmer out there ever designs a game where objects obscure the camera or prevent my character from moving because it got stuck between two of those objects, you also suck. You should be given a poison and forced to play your own game to get the antidote. And that goes double for the people who wrote the code for Activesync. Those fuckers should be shot immediately. After being tortured.

And FYI - if you design a game for the Wii that uses the pointing of the wiimote for both aiming AND positioning the camera, see the previous paragraph.

I do not condone 3 year old children getting drunk.