Brenda Dixon the game - Part DEUX

Mary K is correct - YOU MUST WATCH THE SECOND HALF OF THIS! But first read these quotes and note the ones that you think are actual Brenda Dixon quotes. Score yourself. If you get more then four correct, go and treat yourself to ice cream. Or make yourself a smoothie. That's what BD would do.

"How do you kiss such and such in a scene and have your lips look exactly the same?"

"Don't forget to hide your inner demon with rouge."

"If you have trouble with this, there are doctors you can see nowdays."

"Working out is running out, living out, making out, and being out."

"Stick to colors that go with your wardrobe."

"Keep breathing while you exercise."

"My dog Charles is a special part of my exercise."

"Don't take my word for it, I'm not an expert, but I am successful."

"This will be the answer to all of your problems."

"The clothes you wear while working out are as important as what you think about or how much it hurts."

"I do, by the way, all of my exercises watching television, so I don't get bored."

"If the burning continues, close your eyes and think of puppies."

"Let me show you how to lift weights."

"I am actually a robot, but this stuff will help you humans get fit!"

"Meet my cat Snow! I'm starving, and so is she! Who will win?"

"This is so simple to make I can't tell you."

"I have discovered you can put fruit on top of cereal! You can use this technique but you'll have to send me 5 dollars. Cause I thought of it."

"Today there are so many things you can put on salad if you go to a restaurant. Let me list them all for you now."


Yet another CARTOON

From the ink pits of the OVERLORD, where his minions toil and draw, draw and toil!


I've been tagged.

And for some reason I now have to show off my desktop. Ironically I just changed my desktop to the logo for CARTOON OVERLORD, a show I am producing. I haven't officially released the logo, but I guess you all get to see it now.

Oh, and MARYK, you are officially tagged and have to show us your desktop.

Brenda Dickson - THE GAME

I stole this video from Mary Kraft's blog, but only because I've created an amazing game based on it. Brenda Dickson is an actress who was Jill Foster Abbott from Young and the Restless circa 1985. You will soon know more about her than you could ever want to know - BUT FIRST:
Which of these are actual Brenda Dickson quotes and which are quotes I made up? Guess before you watch!

"Ostrich Feathers anyone?"

"This dress shows off my figure, and my happy breasts!"

"Let's teleport into my closet! Wow, that was exhausting!"

"God gave me these style gifts so I could give them to you."

"Lace has been around for thousands of years!"

"The best thing about leather is that it doesn't burn."



A Venn Diagram of Dorkyness

This cartoon turned out really well, so you should definitely watch it. It's funny.


Future Shock

Here is a cartoon about Robin Hood in the future. I assure you it's better than Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the Kevin Cosner Robin Hood Movie. Other than that what can I say? It was made in less than an hour (including the art). Enjoy.