First Cartoon Made with the NEW BOX

Really Stellar art, Steller acting, Steller improvisation, and Steller editing typify this Stellar cartoon that rules Stellarly. It's hard to believe it was made in less than an hour.


It's like California drivers in the rain.

Portland drivers in the snow. I'm from here.


The 100 Dollar Box

Here is the computer which will move the delightful bytes of CARTOON OVERLORD onto the big screen at the Acme Theatre. It cost me one hundred dollars. If you donated to the cause you can feel happy a warm knowing that you helped me buy ONE TENTH of the computer I will use for the show. HUZZAH!

How is it possible? For 100 smackeroos I got a case (a portable case - with a handle), a motherboard, a processor (celeron 3.2 gigahertz), and a fan (although we'll see - I'm waiting for 100 dollars in rebates to come in). Thanks to assistance from friends I was able to track down memory, a sweet video card (AGP, who uses AGP anymore?!), a monitor (thanks Saladman), and a copy of Windows. Thanks again to all that helped and donated. All systems are go!

My hegemony is assured! And for only 100 manbucks.


Exit 57

Exit 57 was a sketch show from the 90s. I very much enjoyed it but few probably remember it now since it was rapidly cancelled. It had a verbose writing style, over-the-top characterizations, and tight dialogue. Check it out:

You might also recognize many of the actors from "Strangers with Candy," another great show that was under the radar for many.


Jesus at the Office. New Cartoon.

Jesus helps a poor office worker in this delightful cartoon made by myself and Greg Benson of Mediocre Films (Check them out). Greg was a delight to work with, but I have to say Jesus was real a pain in the ass on set. He kept turning all the drinks at craft services into wine, hit on the extras, and was obviously drunk. Enjoy.



This is me with my girlfriend, my brother, my nieces and nephew. We went innertubing on mount hood. It was fun. That's where I've been.

I'm back now but I'm about to open three shows (two of which I'm directing), I'm working on another show (that involves complicated technical support), and I'm writing a video game for a competition. I don't have much time to update this blog.