Overlord Patches

Only 8 dollars to buy online. Show your loyalty to the OVERLORD with this awesome 3" patch with heat-sealed backing. Your jumpsuit will never look the same!


Just a little curve dequantization issue

Spent all of today working on getting the props into the character's hands at the proper orientation. Also added some dynamic prop rotation for when the actors hands are facing in or out. It looks much more natural and allows you to "drink" from mugs and such. Added all of Andy's props to the Prop Hopper.

A pesky array out of bounds bug caused the program to crash at one point, but I'm unsure what caused it and I was unable to replicate it.

I solved the Freeze on Scrollbar bug with a very kludgy solution. I covered the scrollbar with a trackbar that does the same thing in a much clunkier fashion. It solves the problem, and I don't think the bug can be fixed otherwise since it's in the blue GUI dll somewhere. The writer of the dll emailed me, so hopefully the dialog box bug can be fixed (They appear over the performance screen). He said he'd look into it. I have decided NOT to hold my breath.

Tomorrow is Leslie's birthday, so I probably won't get much done. I do want to add Speedkeys for instant effects and changes, fix and clean up the camera commands, and at least get started on effects before the first show on Sunday. We'll see though. Time crunch. I'm excited that props are working better than ever before though.



I'm hijacking my own blog

To provide a work log for the CARTOON OVERLORD software. I'll still put up regular posts from time to time. First update coming soon.


I refuse to feel sorry for

Brittany Spears, George W Bush, and THIS GUY. C'mon, SERIOUSLY? He won 315 million dollars and he says it ruined his life. BOO-FUCKING-HOO. Hey, why don't you teach me a lesson. Give me the money and I can learn how much it will ruin MY life. I'm sure I'll be really bummed out in no time. My favorite part of the story is this: "His home and car were repeatedly burglarized. At a strip club, thieves broke into his Lincoln Navigator and stole a briefcase stuffed with $245,000 in $100 bills and three $100,000 cashiers checks. The briefcase was later found, with the money." Makes me want to take up the violin so I can play for him. Of course he was rich to begin with, so there ya go.

Oh, and here's the YouTube guy that feels sorry for Brittany.

The only way she would deserve my sympathy is if was expressed as some sort of laser beam that dispensed justice. If my sympathy could somehow cause that white trash bitch to be stripped of all her celebrity and money and magically redistribute it to people with talent, then I would feel sorry for her.


The First of Many Crappy Videos to Come. Yay!

I shot this on my phone, so you won't be able to really tell what's going on. I'll tell you. On the way home a bunch of people riding bicycles shut down traffic for a little while. They just kept going, I only recorded the very end. The light turned green. Then red. Then Green. It went on for awhile. People got out of their cars and some started honking their horns. There was no police escort and it was 10:30 PM at night, so I don't think it was any sort of official thingy. I wonder if it's that group, Critical Mass?


Universal Remote

Me and my female counterpart went to Universal Studios and enjoyed the many delights there. Now you can enjoy these pictures. Maybe I'll add more later.

These pictures were taken with the camera on my new TREO 750. I got it for a mere 150 dollars and two year extension of my contract from Cingular which is now AT&T. Probably because the iPhone just came out. Maybe one day I'll have one of those. BLAH!

Stinky Pinkie: A guy who has the unspeakable one as his servant.


I do this for a Living.

Here is my Yellow Pages commercial which some one seems to have posted on YouTube. The very beginning is cut off where you can see me holding up the paintball to a swatch of colors and getting ready in a sort of Bruce-Campbell-Evil-Dead-Sorta-Way. If you want to see that part you have to buy the DVD.

And here's a really hard and not technically correct Stinkier Pinkier (but my favorite one):

What does the giant, strictly Hasidic, Japanese flying monster that can be summoned by tiny women wear between its shoes and feet?


New Funniest Thing Ever to ME

Must force all to watch. WATCH!

Stinky Pinkie:

A Sinister Beetle.


Stinky Pinkie

Stinky Pinky is a rhyming game that was taught to me by Allen Simpsom. It works like this: You think of two words that rhyme, and then give a hint so the other person can figure out what it is. Example -

Hint: A non-complicated zit.
Answer: Simple Pimple.

There are also more complicated and simpler versions. A Stinkier Pinkier uses three syllable words (or phrases), A Stink Pink is one syllable, and a Kinky Stinky Pinky rhymes three two syllable words.

Here is the Stinky Pinky for tonight:

Searching for something on the internet using the cheapest method possible.

ALSO - I made the ANIMATED OPENING for this awesome web show that you should forward on to everyone who plays world of warcraft or knows some one who plays world of warcraft or has a computer:



Toon from the FINAL SHOW

Note to the Progammers of Transformers: The Game

You are idiots. You are crappy programmers. You suck.

If you're going to create a game where picking up objects and throwing them at enemies is an essential part of combat (especially in a game that is ALL combat), you might want to make the controls for this better than the manipulation skills of a drunken 3 year old child.

Optimus Prime: "I am an advanced, super-powerful robot from another planet. I can transform into any vehicle or technological object I can scan. I can fire massive blasts of energy from the cannons mounted on my chassis. But I have great difficulty bending over and lifting anything. Let me pick that up for you. Damn. Missed it. Here. Nope. Still can't get it. Hold on. Slightly to the left. Too far. Hold on. I got it! No, wait. Missed it again."

Also, if any programmer out there ever designs a game where objects obscure the camera or prevent my character from moving because it got stuck between two of those objects, you also suck. You should be given a poison and forced to play your own game to get the antidote. And that goes double for the people who wrote the code for Activesync. Those fuckers should be shot immediately. After being tortured.

And FYI - if you design a game for the Wii that uses the pointing of the wiimote for both aiming AND positioning the camera, see the previous paragraph.

I do not condone 3 year old children getting drunk.


A cartoon from the final show

Here is a cartoon from the final performance of CARTOON OVERLORD.
In the last couple shows we were able to create a cartoon using an audience member:


The SUBCOMMANDER explains it all

Here I am being interviewed by Blaine Butler of G4 about my new show, CARTOON OVERLORD.

Here's a link in case the above doesn't work:


You can also watch me being interviewed by Tina Wood (formerly of G4) by following this link:



New TOON from April 1st

This cartoon was created in front of a live studio audience on APRIL 1st by the CARTOON OVERLORD. All hail the OVERLORD!



The following CARTOON was animated live by the CARTOON OVERLORD at the ACME theatre on March 18th 2007. Voiced by Chris MacKenzie and Brian Jones. Rock on!


Why I blog?

To dominate the Earth. 'Nuff said. And you know why I'm posting this.



The OVERLORD has arrived!

The OVERLORD has arrived on Earth, and the first show has been animated in front of a live (and properly submissive) audience! All hail the OVERLORD! Toons will be posted here soon!


The Rise of the OVERLORD

You need to go here:


Also - watch this new cartoon:


Another TOON

From the domain of the OVERLORD.


Brenda Dixon the game - Part DEUX

Mary K is correct - YOU MUST WATCH THE SECOND HALF OF THIS! But first read these quotes and note the ones that you think are actual Brenda Dixon quotes. Score yourself. If you get more then four correct, go and treat yourself to ice cream. Or make yourself a smoothie. That's what BD would do.

"How do you kiss such and such in a scene and have your lips look exactly the same?"

"Don't forget to hide your inner demon with rouge."

"If you have trouble with this, there are doctors you can see nowdays."

"Working out is running out, living out, making out, and being out."

"Stick to colors that go with your wardrobe."

"Keep breathing while you exercise."

"My dog Charles is a special part of my exercise."

"Don't take my word for it, I'm not an expert, but I am successful."

"This will be the answer to all of your problems."

"The clothes you wear while working out are as important as what you think about or how much it hurts."

"I do, by the way, all of my exercises watching television, so I don't get bored."

"If the burning continues, close your eyes and think of puppies."

"Let me show you how to lift weights."

"I am actually a robot, but this stuff will help you humans get fit!"

"Meet my cat Snow! I'm starving, and so is she! Who will win?"

"This is so simple to make I can't tell you."

"I have discovered you can put fruit on top of cereal! You can use this technique but you'll have to send me 5 dollars. Cause I thought of it."

"Today there are so many things you can put on salad if you go to a restaurant. Let me list them all for you now."


Yet another CARTOON

From the ink pits of the OVERLORD, where his minions toil and draw, draw and toil!


I've been tagged.

And for some reason I now have to show off my desktop. Ironically I just changed my desktop to the logo for CARTOON OVERLORD, a show I am producing. I haven't officially released the logo, but I guess you all get to see it now.

Oh, and MARYK, you are officially tagged and have to show us your desktop.

Brenda Dickson - THE GAME

I stole this video from Mary Kraft's blog, but only because I've created an amazing game based on it. Brenda Dickson is an actress who was Jill Foster Abbott from Young and the Restless circa 1985. You will soon know more about her than you could ever want to know - BUT FIRST:
Which of these are actual Brenda Dickson quotes and which are quotes I made up? Guess before you watch!

"Ostrich Feathers anyone?"

"This dress shows off my figure, and my happy breasts!"

"Let's teleport into my closet! Wow, that was exhausting!"

"God gave me these style gifts so I could give them to you."

"Lace has been around for thousands of years!"

"The best thing about leather is that it doesn't burn."



A Venn Diagram of Dorkyness

This cartoon turned out really well, so you should definitely watch it. It's funny.


Future Shock

Here is a cartoon about Robin Hood in the future. I assure you it's better than Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the Kevin Cosner Robin Hood Movie. Other than that what can I say? It was made in less than an hour (including the art). Enjoy.


First Cartoon Made with the NEW BOX

Really Stellar art, Steller acting, Steller improvisation, and Steller editing typify this Stellar cartoon that rules Stellarly. It's hard to believe it was made in less than an hour.


It's like California drivers in the rain.

Portland drivers in the snow. I'm from here.


The 100 Dollar Box

Here is the computer which will move the delightful bytes of CARTOON OVERLORD onto the big screen at the Acme Theatre. It cost me one hundred dollars. If you donated to the cause you can feel happy a warm knowing that you helped me buy ONE TENTH of the computer I will use for the show. HUZZAH!

How is it possible? For 100 smackeroos I got a case (a portable case - with a handle), a motherboard, a processor (celeron 3.2 gigahertz), and a fan (although we'll see - I'm waiting for 100 dollars in rebates to come in). Thanks to assistance from friends I was able to track down memory, a sweet video card (AGP, who uses AGP anymore?!), a monitor (thanks Saladman), and a copy of Windows. Thanks again to all that helped and donated. All systems are go!

My hegemony is assured! And for only 100 manbucks.


Exit 57

Exit 57 was a sketch show from the 90s. I very much enjoyed it but few probably remember it now since it was rapidly cancelled. It had a verbose writing style, over-the-top characterizations, and tight dialogue. Check it out:

You might also recognize many of the actors from "Strangers with Candy," another great show that was under the radar for many.


Jesus at the Office. New Cartoon.

Jesus helps a poor office worker in this delightful cartoon made by myself and Greg Benson of Mediocre Films (Check them out). Greg was a delight to work with, but I have to say Jesus was real a pain in the ass on set. He kept turning all the drinks at craft services into wine, hit on the extras, and was obviously drunk. Enjoy.



This is me with my girlfriend, my brother, my nieces and nephew. We went innertubing on mount hood. It was fun. That's where I've been.

I'm back now but I'm about to open three shows (two of which I'm directing), I'm working on another show (that involves complicated technical support), and I'm writing a video game for a competition. I don't have much time to update this blog.