Hey, some of you might have noticed the following message and it might have made you wonder about the safety of this web page. Thing is - it was just a bugaboo having to do with a security and feature update at my web hosting company, Powweb. Their customer support resolved the situation handily. I highly recommend them. If you do decide to go with Powweb, mention that I sent you their way - I get a credit for that.

And remember - computers NEVER make mistakes. Only you fleshy humans.



So I decided to enter the NVIDA and DARK BASIC PRO game competition with a game called GUTS (I don't have enough to do). It highlights the advantages of machines over you fleshy bioforms. The official thread is here(from which you can download the latest version). Here's a screenshot.



I admire the Mighty Cthulhu, and that's why I was pleased when one of my readers sent me the images to create this delightful cartoon. It reveals some of Cthulhu's domestic life. I am not responsible for those who lose their minds while enjoying this animation.

Keep in mind this is the first toon created with characters created by a reader using the MY CARTOON button to the right.

CARTOONS, custom made!

I've decided that I would feel better about accepting donations if I gave you something in return (although I still intend to crush your puny civilization). SO - each person who donates will have a custom cartoon created for them. Also this gives me a chance to test out my technology and refine it. In fact I'm going to try something that has not been done. Click on the MY CARTOON link to the right over there and follow the instructions to create your own cartoon character. I will then put it into a cartoon. If you've made a donation. Of at least 10 dollars. I can't guarantee your character will work perfectly in the toon, the software is calibrated for my printer and scanner - BUT, that's part of the fun. I also can't guarantee that your cartoon will be funny or entertaining - BUT, it most likely will be.



Is finished. Check it out. Then give it a 5 star rating. Then get your sides sewn back together.


I am a digital whore

Hello all,
Due to unforseen financial setbacks I may be unable to produce CARTOON OVERLORD (the improvised cartoon) in January. To that end I am trying to raise some funds so I won't have to put the show off. You may notice a donation button over there to the right. You can click on it and give me money. My goal is to raise two thousand dollars (200 donations of $10 each). This should allow me to purchase the fancy equipment I will need to run the show and pay for advertising. I am not a non-profit organization, so you can't write off the money donated, but I will add your name to the list of people who helped out with the production that will be shown in the credits at the end of the show. The $2000 dollar goal is a pie-in-the-sky amount, and any little bit will help. Please email me an let me know you donated, and give me the correct spelling of your name (or the name you would like credited - but no naughty language). I will send you a thank you email as well.
Thanks for your help and support,


The Monster Mash

In this delightful cartoon, created by myself and the talented Allen Simpsom, a man realizes that living and working with an undead monster is not always easy, but it is always interesting. And deadly.


Night of the ZOMBIE

Greetings carbon based organic idiots. My hegemony moves forward as planned. My own organic counterpart known as Joseph has worked this night on a comedic short named "Night of the Zombie!" It WILL be funny. It WILL be in black and white. It WILL make you snort lactose based bovine nutrient through your nasal conchae. And it was all done with the help of Greg over at Mediocre Films. I command you to hustle over to his site and feast your ocular receptors on his comedic visiccitudes. Then go to his YouTube channel and subscribe to it, after rating all his videos with the highest rating possible, times infinity. When the film is completed, I will data stream it here for your edification, and my deification.
End of Line.